Cut ur prize

Cut ur prize is a two-player skill vending game  that appeals to all ages of group.
The player need good skill to cut down prizes hung in the game's brightly coloured playfield. The cabinet is attractive, eye-catching and sturdily-built metal case. Cut ur prize can place ANY merchandise across six different prize levels to create a real 'cutting edge' challenge with fully managed settings.
 Anyone can understand the game by their first try. Unlike any other prize games in the market, Cut ur prize convinces players that it is actually possible to win. When players notice a cut string hanging in the machine, they feel compelled to win a prize of their own. That instantly makes this game more addictive than any other prize redemption game, and those repeat-plays will land right in your cash box!
Size:950 X 980 X 1930 mm
Weight:130 Kg
Container fitting: 20GP/12pcs 40GP/24pcs  

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