Monster Drop Ticket Redemption

One of the best earner in FECs
Quick coin game
Win every time!

How to play

1.Time the drop of the high energy ball so it falls through Jackpot Value, the Mystery Value, or Ticket Win Values
2. Even if the players miss, the ball bounces before dropping in a hole, so they can "Win Every Time" ! And the new "Add Bonus Balls" feature adds excitement as bonus balls build up to multi-play !
3.If a ball drops in the "Add Bonus" Ball Hole, balls are then reserved until a player make a ball in the "Drop Bonus" Balls Hole - Then it a Multi-Ball play extravaganza ! And players can try to bounce balls up onto the platform and into the "Monster Jackpot" Hole and win the huge cumulative JACKPOT !
4.Long-Lasting LED Lights Means NO Bulb Changes, and  operator adjustable.
Voltage:110/220V optional
Container fitting:6pcs/20'GP

monster drop redemption

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